Harvey Glasthal, Boynton Beach, Florida

I thought Susan was excellent. She set the asking price at a point where I would have interested buyers view
my home and the bids may even be higher. That's exactly what happened. Susan's understanding of the
marketplace led to our receiving the best offers we could get and we sold our home quickly for a price we
never expected when we first interviewed a prospective broker. Susan was professional, effective and I
would strongly recommend her to any prospective home buyer/seller in the area.
As I previously had written, Susan was as good a broker as we could have hoped. I give her an A+ as a real
estate broker.
Harvey Glasthal, Boynton Beach, Florida

Jaimie Winter, Nanuet, NY

Susan Kopec is a wonderfully warm, helpful, professional and knowledgeable realtor with many years
experience. We connected immediately and she seemed to be a trustworthy woman, who I could work with
and know she would work hard for me. I was right! Susan made herself available immediately. I felt like I was
important to her and she really cared about the sale of my home. In addition, Susan was extremely organized
and gave me folders of testimonials, prior sales of homes, market values, etc. which impressed me as I am a
NYC teacher and feel organization is super important. Her marketing strategy was brilliant, in my opinion.
Once I decided to work with Susan, after interviewing others, she got to work right away making her plan.
She decided to host a luncheon at my home, while I was at work, for the brokers she knew in Rockland and
surrounding area. I followed her advice to the letter, and streamlined the house, got rid of clutter, cleaned
everything and made it look like an HGTV commercial! That very evening, and every day that followed, a
good number of people came to see my home. I received 6 offers in 6 days! Needless to say, I was
overwhelmed with the speed of these offers...we did not need an Open House. I owe the easy and quick
process to Susan Kopec, who handled every detail. As I work full time as a teacher, I was very grateful that I
did not have to do too much and that she handled everything for me. In conclusion, I thank my lucky stars
that I chose Susan Kopec to work with and sell my home. I made the right decision for me.

Matt Kaplan, Valley Cottage, NY

Easy to work with and a positive experience overall. She was always available to answer any questions I
Susan knows Rockland County very well and showed me a bunch of nice options to choose from. I was able
to find a place I can call home.

Debora Gaber, Eastham, MA

Susan has great people skills. She understands what is important to her clients and works to make things
happen to benefit the client, but she does it in a classy way. This is a rough business, and Susan maintains
her integrity throughout the process.

Eddie Pagan

Susan Kopec , was always on time and on point as to what was asked of her.

Patricia, Pearl River, NY

Susan Kopec was excellent to work with. We made the right choice. Very thorough, knowledgeable and
patient to name a few of her qualities. It was the perfect match for us. I would highly recommend using Susan

The Chasons, Valley Cottage, NY and Boynton Beach, FL

Susan is a top notch professional. Our home was that for approximately 19 years and filled with wonderful
memories. This transaction was not just a business deal we were emotionally involved. Susan kept us on
track - she responded well to our opinion of the comps and helped us realistically priced the Unit. The market
was quiet but she kept us informed and continuously brought potential buyers. We had 2 interested buyers
who one at a time came to bat to make a deal. Each had issues which Susan helped us to get through
without a major blowup. The final transaction wasn't final until the final moment and again Susan was there
running interference for us.
Thank you Susan - professional real estate person and also now a good friend.

Diannae Ehler

Words alone cannot adequately express my gratitude to Susan Kopec for all her hard work, dedication and
time she spent in selling my home of 34 years. She guided me through every step of the process - from
listing, showing and managing offers - to inspections and closing. She was very professional, attentive to
detail, easy to work with/get in contact with when needed and always provided valuable advice. Her years of
real estate experience – make her an expert in her field. She made what could have been an overwhelming
process - a manageable one. Above all - she is trustworthy. It is without hesitation that I highly recommend
Susan to anyone who is seeking a truly professional Realtor!

Elissa Rackoff, New City, NY

We felt that Susan Kopec was extremely hard working; she held open houses, gave us advice on staging,
kept us apprised of interest shown, made suggestions for changes.
We found that Susan Kopec was extremely knowledgeable. She touched base with us after each showing,
contacted other brokers to get feedback, and always kept us informed as to what was going on with the
Susan Kopec remained attentive through the entire process keeping us informed.

Ronni Schwartz. Monroe, N.Y.

Susan’s understanding of how emotional we were about finding the perfect place to relocate to was amazing.
She remembered every priority in order of importance with every step of the way!
Susan’s experience and professionalism is what kept us sane, going through the process of moving into our
new home.
With such a huge step in life, I can’t imagine it happening with anyone else but Susan Kopec.

Gulen Lukas Wilton , Connecticut

Susan Kopec is a very professional Real Estate Broker, her ethics are above reproach, her market and
product knowledge is exceptional. Ms. Kopec is the hardest working Real Estate Broker I have had the
pleasure of working with.
I worked there for a long time and love the company.
Every aspect of the transaction was handled very professionally.

Dellesa Beckford Richard Court, Pomona NY 10970

Susan Kopec was very knowledgeable, and listens to the needs of the customer. She did not try to stare me
to other property that I
did not like, or could not afford. I got the property that I needed, and I am very, very, happy. Thanks again to
Susan, she is a Gem to
the company that she is working for. "Rand Realty"
Its all Excellent!!
As I said before I am very happy, with Susan, and also Ramon, who helps when Susan was not available.

Kevin, West Nyack

Susan was amazing. Her knowledge of the market was fantastic, everything she said to me proved to be one
hundred percent accurate. She advised me on what the sale price should be in order to facilitate a quick
sale. I took her advice and was in contract within 10 days of the property being listed. Susan was diligent in
making sure everything was in place for a smooth sale process. Even when she was out of town, she was
fully available to answer questions and make sure things went as they should. I can not express enough how
fantastic is has been working with Susan

Gary, Nanuet, NY

I would absolutely recommend Susan as a realtor. She was very helpful with advice and direction when
needed. We were very happy with the sale process.

Barry Parkoff

I have know Susan for years, and there was never a question as to using another agent / brokerage. My
confidence in Susan was the leading factor in asking her to help me sell my residence. I have always relied
on her experience and expertise.
Susan exceeded any expectations that I had. I could not imagine for a moment what I would have done if she
was not available to help me sell this property. Living out of state, the thought of using another agent other
than Susan would have left me with much anxiety.
Thank you so much for everything you have done for me during this very difficult time. I so much appreciate

Debby Blumenfeld , Boca Raton Florida

Susan is knowledgeable and experienced and was always available to answer questions we had.
Susan’s performance was excellent in every respect.

Linda Janow, West Nyack, NY

As a widow selling her home of 39 years, I needed a sensitive professional with whom I could work and
know that needs would be met.
Susan Kopec was all of those things and more. Initially, it was her knowledge of the marketplace that
impressed most. She very clearly heard and addressed all of my concerns. and laid out a plan that took in all
of my needs.
Susan is one of the most professional people I have ever met: she responded immediately whenever I called
her and never caused me to feel that I was taking too much of her time or that my questions were frivolous,
she recommended trades-people who could do the work the Building Department required and, if one was
unavailable, she quickly found another, she never once pressured me into any action I was not completely
comfortable with, and her advice in the staging of my home was spot-on and her suggestions never offended
I really never felt alone in this emotional and arduous task because Susan Kopec's support, knowledge and
professionalism produced three acceptable offers within the space of less than two weeks!
I have and would recommend Susan Kopec to anyone in need of a real estate broker.

Susan Richmond, Suffern, NY

Susan Kopec is truly a professional in every sense of the word. She is polite and respectful to everyone, has
tremendous knowledge of real estate and of the specific properties listed and is always accessible. I knew
throughout the purchase of my home that I could count on Susan to be there for me in terms of timely, clear
and complete communications about the properties I was considering and other possible properties. Susan
took me to wherever I needed to go at so many different times, including after work and weekends. She also
helped me navigate with ease the negotiation process concerning the condo I purchased I highly recommend
Susan and your agency based on Susan's excellence!

Darryl White Nanuet

I would truly recommend Mrs Susan Kopec because like I stated before she was always in the back of our
minds do to her knowledge of the surroundings community’s and her experience in being a realtor for so long.

Edna New Jersey

Susan is wonderful. She is kind and thoughtful, very professional and knowledgeable.
She is calm . She is very good at communicating and keeping us informed.
We are so pleased at how well things went on every level.
Susa Kopec is top notch! I would recommend her for any real estate situation!

Kevin Butler. New City

Susan was great. She help us find our new home within our same neighborhood and was able to negotiate
the purchase of our new house contingent upon the sale of our old house. This gave us the confidence to put
our house on the market in January. Our house sold in one day. Overall we are thankful for Susan and love
our new house.

I. Black Pomona NY

Susan got it sold!

Dorothy and Chris, Nanuet

Susan has gone above and beyond her duties as a real estate agent. She has been available to my husband
and I for any type of questions and has "held our hand" through the entire process. She always picked up the
phone when we called or called back within minutes. When our own lawyer was unapproachable, Susan has
helped us reach out and guided us through the whole process. Our sale was supposed to be an easy one
and when it got complicated Susan was the one that helped us through it. I cannot say enough about her
knowledge and great advice. She was also the person that we reached out to when buying (similar
neighborhood, different school district) and she worked extremely hard to get us exactly what we wanted.
Both my husband and myself have bought and sold properties in the past but this was by far our toughest
one. Susan made a tough situation turn around and worked tirelessly to close our deal. There is truly no other
agent that cared more than she does and goes above and beyond the way she does. My own mother could
not have treated me better than Susan did!!!